A convenient and sustainable pack solution that provides hand hygiene on-the-go has been launched by Berry.

The new Hands’Up 50ml Tottle is a refillable bottle that consumers can continually top up with their favourite liquid soap, hand gel or sanitiser to keep their hands clean wherever they go. The bottle is small enough to fit into bags, briefcases and pockets and also incorporates a hook on the base, allowing the bottle to be attached to a belt or hung around the neck.

As well as being refillable, the polypropylene bottle can be recycled when it reaches its end of life, providing a reusable and recyclable solution in line with circular economy principles.

The user-friendly bottle ensures accurate dosing of the product with a flip-top closure for convenient one-handed opening. A wide neck finish allows easy refilling.

There is a decoration area for effective branding which can be further enhanced by the addition of a customised snap hook with company logo.

In addition to leisure activities, the new Hands’Up is ideal for all types of work and educational establishments, providing employees and students with the means for their own regular hand cleaning routine.

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