Improving Safety and Quality of Life Through Pharmaceutical Packaging

Hosted by Berry Global

June 17, 2021 9:00 am CST

Join our experts as they examine the importance of choosing the right closure bottle system for medication to help protect patients and increase treatment adherence. Learn how choosing the right pharmaceutical packaging can improve child-safety and enhance quality of life of seniors.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The challenges patients and caregivers face when administering and taking medication 
  • The trends that are driving innovation in packaging that increase patient-centricity and medication adherence
  • The importance of creating packaging that is tailored to different patients profiles and treatment needs

Our novel solutions play a crucial role in delivering a better Healthcare experience and improve the quality of care through child resistant, senior friendly, sustainable, tamper-evident and smart packaging.


Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Amy Waterman
Amy Waterman

Global Marketing Communications Manager
Berry Global

Indiana, IN | USA

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Nadine Khoury
Nadine Khoury

Senior Strategic Marketing Manager Healthcare
Berry Global

Spain | Europe

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Muriel Combeau
Muriel Combeau

VP Global Product Marketing & Strategy - Healthcare
Berry Global

Paris, France | Europe

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Male Silhouette
John Vassalo

VP Global R&D, Healthcare
Berry Global

Pennsylvania, PA | USA

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Frederic Chave
Frédéric Chave

Research And Development Director
Berry Global

Villeurbanne, France | Europe