RDD 2023

Palais des Congrès Antipolis Antibes (Nice), France

May 02-May 05, 2023 Antibes (Nice), France

Berry Global’s market leadership in drug delivery inhalation solutions will be underlined by the company’s participation at the RDD Conference in Antibes, France in May, where Berry, together with the University of Parma’s Food and Drug Department, will present a research poster.

The project detailed in the poster aims to generate data to support a more sustainable generic dry powder inhaler (DPI) development approach. This can lead to savings on the cost of the active ingredient, lower side effects for patients, and mean a lower dispersion of the drug in the environment.

Alongside the poster, Berry will showcase its wide-ranging portfolio of DPIs and  Pressurized Metered Dose inhalers (pMDIs), demonstrating some of the latest advances in usability and safety, digitalisation, and design for the circular economy.

Berry will also include details of its newest healthcare manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India. The International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate Plus (ISCC+) plant will improve global patient access to products for the Inhalation, Nasal, Ophthalmic, Dispensing, and Self-injection industries. In addition, the site incorporates a new Berry Global Healthcare R&D Centre of Excellence, which supports the development of innovative solutions to improve medicine administration and functionality, while helping customers meet ambitious sustainability goals.

Among the products produced at Bangalore is the recently introduced Pneumohaler, a breath actuated inhaler with dose indicator. The inhaler helps to improve asthma and COPD patients’ compliance and adherence by reducing patient coordination errors and breathing variability.

Significant developments from Berry’s DPI range include the RS01-X single dose DPI that features built-in sensors and digital services to track inhaler use and help improve adherence and technique. Also on show will be the new RS01 Size 2 capsule-based inhaler which meets the increased demand for higher dose devices for the pulmonary delivery of systemic treatments and highly engineered low density powder formulations. The RS01-R, meanwhile, is a capsule-based DPI that incorporates advanced chemical recycled resins or bio-source resins produced using the mass balance concept and which is ISCC+ certified.