Versalite is a patented technology that blends superior insulated performance with environmental responsibility, suitable for hot and cold beverages. It's more than just a drink cup, its innovation that represents a more sustainable future.

Responsible hot and cold drink cups

Made of widely recyclable polypropylene, Versalite is a responsible choice for your dispensed beverage program. When paired with a polypropylene lid, it's a single substrate, so consumers simply toss the whole package into a recycle bin.

8 out of 10 consumers prefer Versalite

When we developed Versalite, we tested it extensively with consumers across the country to ensure wide acceptance. The cup scored significantly better with 8 out of 10 consumers, rating higher than all other cups in the marketplace.

Features & Benefits:

  • Recyclable - made from polypropylene simply toss into a recycle bin where PP is accepted
  • Responsible - choosing Versalite may help to lower your company's overall carbon footprint
  • Efficient - Versalite cups nest together closer than EPS foam-based cups for more efficient storing, shipping, and operations
  • Durable - puncture and crack resistant, Versalite material significantly reduces the chance for leakage and breakage
  • Attractive - photographic-quality artwork provides enhanced branding


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