Tubex understands the benefits that tree shelters bring to the forestry industry and our planet. We deliver products in the most sustainable way through increased recycled content, national collection & recycling schemes and a range of biodegradable tree shelters.

Market leading solutions

Full design and manufacturing of tree and plant protection including forestry, landscaping, viticulture and fruits. Our wide portfolio of tree and shrub shelters excel in a variety of applications and environmental conditions.

Recycling program

The Tubex® collection and recycling program provides a simple and effective solution to close the loop and make responsible disposal available to everyone. This program simultaneously increases the available of recycled content for our tree shelters.

Features & Benefits:

  • Zero waste since 2019
  • Broad range of sapling and vine protection
  • Up to 30% recycled content already used in all Tubex standard products
  • 40 years of experience


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