Our range of Polybale products is produced using specially selected high quality raw materials.  These superior ingredients ensure the production of an advanced stretch film with superior performance.

High performance Agricultural Stretchwrap

Polybale has been designed for application on both round and square bales across a variety of crops on all types of bale wrappers. A reliable wrapping film for silage bales which delivers consistent bale wrapping time after time.

Consistent Bale Wrapping

Our Polybale range of products ensures farmers have less downtime with efficient wrapping on all types of bale wrappers time after time. Polybale's range minimizes gas permeability across the total surface of the film, optimizing silage fermentation.


Agribale replaces netwrap on round bale grass, maize and sugar beet pulp. It produces better quality forage and easier feeding and handling. Agribale is supplied in a plastic sleeve with end protection for safe transportation and ease of use.

Features & Benefits:

  • 5 star performance for less downtime
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Improved oxygen barrier
  • A bespoke blend of tack additives for both day and night wrapping
  • Manufactured in a range of UV formats to withstand differing climates


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