Novagryl is a high extensibility, non-woven cover that is quick-to-install and provides climate and pest protection. Novagryl is available in a wide range of custom and standard sized rolls up to 28m wide for quick and easy installation.

High extensibility crop covers

Novagryl is one of the most extendible crop covers available in the agricultural market. As plants grow, it can stretch the Novagryl reducing the need for farmers to handle and move the fleece, thus saving time and reduces the damage to crops and the fleece.

Perfect for high growth crops

Particularly suited to farmers of high growth crops. Designed with excellent extensibility without the loss of the other general properties, it expands in response to plant growth to retain integrity, acts as a barrier to insects and provide thermal protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Rolls up to 28m wide
  • Reinforced edges 30cm wide and double the thickness
  • Protection against cold
  • Preservation of soil structure


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