The Professional and DIY Consumer's Choice. Whether it's protective covering, vapor barriers, dust barriers, landscaping or concrete curing, the Film-Gard brand has you covered.

Construction Sheeting

  • Quality sheeting for commercial or residential construction and remodeling projects.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and mil thicknesses.
  • All-purpose sheeting used for vapor barriers, dust barriers, and concrete work

Paint Drop Cloths

  • Products for paint contractors and DIYers
  • HDPR Painter's Plastic for overspray shields and dust barriers
  • LLDPE Drop cloths in a variety of sizes and thicknesses


  • Mulch film and rolled sheeting
  • Designed for strength, stretch, and puncture resistance
  • Promotes moisture retention in soil and plants

Film-Gard™ sheeting products come in a variety of sizes and mil thickness for use by both the professional and do-it-yourself user.

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