Whatever the cleaning task, Chicopee has a solution. As an industry leader in wiping technologies, Chicopee provides products designed for general and specialized applications in a variety of markets including foodservice, industrial, building care, and more.

Providing the Right Solutions

Our portfolio offers an extensive range of products, color options and packaging configurations that support your cleaning process.  Chicopee provides a clean & safe environment that protects both valued customers and employees.

Advancing Health and Safety

Chicopee's unique chemical compatible wipes are  engineered to work effectively with multiple chemicals in order to maintain the effectiveness of the selected sanitizer or disinfectant while also releasing the active ingredients onto surfaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Complete line of wiping and floor cleaning products available
  • Industry leading innovation focused on solving your problems
  • Engineered solutions tailored for multiple segments
  • Specialized substrates that yield exceptional performance
  • Security of supply to deliver products with consistent quality
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