Sustainability & Product Stewardship


Product Stewardship Policy

Berry Global maintains the highest possible standards of product stewardship to ensure the safe and responsible utilization of materials in enhancing the quality of life through design and development.


Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Mission

At Berry, our mission is: ‘Always advancing to protect what's important.’ Our mission not only applies to continuously improving and innovating the products and services we offer, but also our operations, the materials we use, our supply chain, and our social responsibility programs. In doing so, we aim to protect our employees, our customers and their products, our consumers, the communities in which we operate, the environment as a whole, and ultimately, the longevity of our business.

Sustainability Vision

Berry is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of innovative engineered materials, nonwoven specialty materials, and consumer packaging. Our vision is to continuously improve our operations, products, and services to be a global leader in sustainability.

Sustainability Focus Areas:

Natural Resources – We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and conserve natural resources. We consume natural resources both as raw materials for our products as well as in the form of the utilities we use to operate our manufacturing facilities.

Materials are at the heart of every product we manufacture. At Berry, we aim to provide the highest quality products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations. We are motivated by our stakeholders to continually optimize our product designs to reduce material usage, thereby reducing natural resource consumption and minimizing overall lifecycle impacts.

Utilities, specifically electricity, natural gas, and water, are important for the operation of our facilities. We strive to continually improve our operational efficiency and in turn, continually reduce our utility intensity. Our near-term goal is to reduce electricity, natural gas, and water consumption per pound processed by 1% per year. Our long-term goal is to achieve best-in-class energy and water efficiency.

We support the development of practical and economical alternatives to fossil fuels for both our raw materials and energy.

Climate Change – We acknowledge the importance of mitigating our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Electricity represents the vast majority of our Scope 1+2 GHG emissions, followed by natural gas. We will, therefore, drive GHG emissions reductions through our efforts to improve energy efficiency. We also support renewable energy as an important method to reduce GHG emissions. Our near-term goal is to reduce Scope 1+2 GHG emissions per pound processed by 1% per year. Long-term, we aspire to be carbon neutral in our operations.

Waste – In accordance with our waste management hierarchy, we strive to minimize waste generation and recover any waste that is generated at the highest possible value. Our near-term goal is to reduce landfill waste intensity by 5% per year. Long-term, we aspire for our operations to generate zero waste to landfill.

Not only are we concerned about our direct waste, we are also concerned about the entire lifecycle of our products. At Berry, we support the research and development of practical and economical end-of-life scenarios for our products - such as recycling - that prevent them from accumulating in landfills or becoming litter or marine debris.

Berry recognizes that litter and marine debris are serious issues. Despite the value our products bring - protecting what’s important - when plastic ends up in the natural environment as litter or marine debris, it has a significant environmental impact. As a manufacturer of plastic products we endeavor to reduce the amount of plastics, including both products and the plastic resin used as a raw material, that end up in the natural environment. Of these, Berry has a greater influence on plastic resin because the resin we handle is within our direct control. Therefore, Berry has taken as well as encourages our suppliers to take the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge. OCS is a commitment to work toward zero resin pellet, powder, and flake loss.

Social Responsibility – We are responsible to all of our stakeholders - including employees, customers, consumers, the communities in which we operate, and investors. We protect our stakeholders through our commitments to safety, diversity and inclusion, quality, product stewardship, community involvement, the environment, ethics, and corporate governance.

By focusing on these areas, we strive to ensure the long-term sustainability of our Company.

CORPSOP-1254: Rev 8