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New Container Worth Shelling Out For

Sæplast, a brand of Berry Global, has launched a new model into its wet storage container range, specifically designed for the handling of live shellfish, including oysters, clams and mussels.

The multifunctional Sæplast DWS352 offers a complete system that enables the container to be used for harvesting on the water, transporting to the factory, purging and purification of the contents, and subsequent storage. Like all Sæplast containers, it combines excellent product protection and reusability for a safe and effective long-term solution.

The new container has already been adopted by family run oyster farm Bill and Stanley Oyster Co, based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

“The Saeplast DWS352 seems to be a very good addition to the quality products that we have come to expect from the company,” commented Brian Fortune of Bill and Stanley Oyster Co. “The container is rugged and multifunctional and can be utilised in both the farming and processing sides of our operations.”

The DWS352 incorporates a number of features specially developed for the handling of shellfish. These include a patented water circulation system designed to allow maximum flow and renewal of water around the container, together with integrated water channels that eliminate the need for external pipes or drain connections. In addition, an integrated grid enables the quick and easy separation of waste.

The fully insulated 48” x 48” polyethylene container provides effective temperature control during transportation and storage, with an optional lid available for additional protection, particularly useful for transport during winter months. Four lifting handles on the corners of the container and wear pads on the bottom allow it to be moved around with greater ease, while the modular construction is also easy to stack.

The DWS352 can also be personalised to individual customer requirements with the incorporation of logos and the addition of tracking options such as barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags.

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