The Challenge

For six years, our team has worked to develop the Versalite technology. The goal was to create a material that had similar insulation characteristics as EPS foam but weaved in a superior performance and experience with an environmentally responsible option.

Looking to explore new territory, we asked “how can Berry Plastics bring its experience into the hot cup market?” 

The Result

Having already invested in polypropylene technology several years earlier, Berry Plastics developers knew this was the key ingredient to creating game changing products that combine sustainability, performance, and experience.  From this, the Versalite technology was born and produced in the form of a cup. 

Made from polypropylene, Versalite is fully recyclable. In fact, end market users, such as KW Plastics, have tested and accept this material in the existing recycling stream. 

The Versalite cup is fully recyclable and has less of a total impact on the environment than the leading paper hot cup options tested in most of the impact categories evaluated.


  • Environmental responsibility
  • Easy to recycle
  • Safe
  • More efficient than EPS foam


  • Puncture and crack resistant
  • One lid solution
  • Superior graphics


  • Thermal management
  • Engineered fit
  • User preference