The Challenge


Barrie House Coffee approached us with a partnership opportunity. Barrie House offers a unique range of coffee products targeted to the coffee connoisseur, dedicated to innovation. The coffee capsule industry is moving toward more sustainable solutions and Barrie House wanted to accelerate their transition to an improved coffee capsule.

The Result

After ideation with our Berry design and engineering teams and Barrie House team, a coffee capsule was created that was both recyclable and optimized performance. The capsule is made of polypropylene, a food-safe recyclable resin. The design uses a combination of material science and structural elements to ensure a positive consumer experience – meaning it punctures easily in the coffee machine and it is resistant to cracking during shipping process. The coffee capsule delivers fresher coffee with longer shelf life and has an excellent water vapor transmission rate, which means powdered products are less likely to clump together. The coffee capsule is a drop in solution and works with most existing filling lines.

coffee capsule