We produce a variety of corrosion prevention and control technologies that include the categories of cathodic protection, self-healing corrosion prevention and sealing, tape-based protection, heat shrinkable technology, and liquid sealing. Seal For Life Industries is a significant player and partner across numerous market sectors and industries. This enables us to tackle an endless variety of fascinating and complex challenges in the field of corrosion prevention, waterproofing and insulation.

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AnodeFlex is a unique and cost effective way to keep the operation of a pipeline in compliance with DOT or other cathodic protection regulations. It provides consistent and uniform current distribution over the entire steel structure and will eliminate many of the installation and current distribution difficulties inherent in conventional remote groundbed anodes.


SynergyQ is a single wrap pipeline coating system that consists of a polyethylene backing and an extremely high shear resistant corrosion prevention material. The system does not require any primer and can be applied with little tension. The SynergyQ high shear visco-elastics meet and exceed international standards for external corrosion protection of pipelines in the oil, gas, and water industry.


For more than 20 years, STOPAQ has been the market leader in developing new applications for sealing and corrosion prevention meeting the most stringent safety and health requirements. STOPAQ features primary layers within a system consist of a fully amorphous, non-crosslinkable, non-polar polymer composition which is totally impermeable once applied. 


SEALTAQ visco-elastic sealants and swell able aquastop systems, is the brand for the professional construction market for civil application. Sealtaq provides safe, fast, and secure protection for any kind of civil application to offer 100% waterproofing.


All Powercrete formulations are developed to be field friendly and cost effective. The ease of application can be achieved either by hand (roller, brushes, or trowels) or with spray equipment which delivers high-build in a single multi-pass layer, thereby reducing application time. This engineered application flexibility allows the contractor to stock and manage a single product for any application requirement.


Polyken tape coating systems provide proven long term corrosion prevention utilizing cold-applied and fused tape coatings. These coating systems can be applied in plant and in field installations that meet current global standards. 


Covalence sleeves are offered in a two-layer and three-layer construction, that compliment a wide range of pipe coating applications both onshore and offshore. The Covalence® DIRAX system is a patented three-layer formulation designed especially for HDD installations.