We are proud to reveal our latest foodservice innovation: the strawless lid.

Americans use millions of straws every day, but the smaller diameter of straws makes them difficult to recycle, and their wrapper can become a source of litter. As more consumers focus on sustainable options, we created the strawless lid for our on-the-go consumers and for the environment.


Why Go Strawless?

  • Eliminate straw and wrapper waste
  • Reduce your SKU count
  • Tell your environmental story
  • Create a greater consumer experience
  • Watch the videos below to find out how our strawless lid can work for you.

    Expert Interviews


    Proven Concept

    Ever wonder how we make our products? Discover the secrets of successful consumer testing as the Foodservice Marketing Manager of CP, Jennifer Stilwell, shares insights into the creation of strawless lids.


    User-Centered Design

    In the second part of our series on the exciting development behind the strawless lid, Product Development Engineer of Consumer Packaging Braxton Bragg reveals the unique design elements of this innovative product.


    Recyclable PP

    Discover how the innovative packaging design behind our strawless lid helps to support a circular economy.  Enjoy insights from Project Manager and Material Scientist Timothy Ponrathnam, Ph. D. in this video.


    Quality Checked

    Watch as our Quality Assurance Manager, Aaron McDowell, uncovers exactly how our quality group helps ensure the product functionality of a successful strawless lid.

    Jonathan Eickhoff

    High Performance

    When we create a new product, we embrace four key areas of focus: sustainability, product performance, the consumer experience, and manufacturing costs. Watch as Jon Eickhoff, Product Development Manager of Consumer Packaging North America, shares how his leadership of a talented team of engineers led to the development of our innovative strawless lid.