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We’re here to support you with a wide variety of plastic cup lids for hot and cold beverages. For your unique program needs, our plastic lid styles include flat, dome, reusable, single-use, and even strawless. Our polypropylene (PP) lids are made from widely recyclable material, which can be a part of your sustainability messaging. These plastic cup lids pair nicely with our PP hot and cold cups for a single-stream recycling program. We offer bulk plastic cup lids, as well as co-packs with plastic cups and lids in the same box for ease of ordering and storing.

Featured Drink Cup Lids

Spill-Resistant Next Generation Polypropylene Lid

We understand how important drive thru business is in the current foodservice landscape, and we've created a lid to simplify your order fulfillment process. Our next generation polypropylene plastic cup lid is designed to securely seal around the rim of the cup, making it more spill-resistant for drive thru and delivery. This can improve your operational output and efficiencies, because employees can easily snap on the lid and hand the drink to the customer from a window. In addition, consumers can enjoy a better experience, as the lid is unlikely to come off in the car.


Our next gen plastic cup lid has a premium, clear appearance. This allows the consumer to easily see the colorful beverage inside, and it is also helpful for verifying order accuracy. Additionally, we have engineered the flavor buttons, so that they “craze” (turn white) when pressed, so you can easily see which drink is diet versus regular cola.

The polypropylene lid material we selected helps make our plastic cup lid more durable and tear-resistant than common polystyrene lids. As such, the operator and consumer will not deal with the frustration of a lid torn by a straw or ripped during removal. Even though it performs similar to a thick, durable lid, this next gen plastic cup lid is actually a lightweight thermoformed product made from a thin plastic sheet using very little material. Polypropylene is also widely recyclable, making this next gen plastic lid an environmentally-friendly solution that can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Strawless Drink Cup Lids

Our strawless drink cup lids allow your consumers to sip directly through the lid without using a straw. Strawless lids may help your organization comply with local anti-straw regulations. Eliminating the straw can also assist operators with SKU reduction and simplify ordering processes.

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To create a positive experience for your consumers, we have designed several variations of the strawless lid for beverages and consumer groups. We have reclosable fountain drink lids with flavor buttons: Cola, Diet, Tea, and Other. Our iced coffee lids have a more domed shape and a streamlined design without flavor buttons. The nitro coffee lid has a contoured surface, that rises to meet the consumer’s lip. A wider hole in this PP drink cup lid allows the consumer to enjoy the creamy froth from nitro coffee.

For a consistent consumer experience across different cup types, we offer fountain strawless lids for plastic cups as well as strawless lids for paper cups. These plastic cup lids support single stream recycling, when paired with our PP Bantam cups of the same substrate.

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Polypropylene Hot Cup Lid

This plastic hot cup lid is designed to fit our Versalite™ insulated coffee cups. Since both the cup and lid are polypropylene, this allows for a widely recyclable package. To keep your employees and consumers clean and tidy, the plastic hot cup lid features a patented multi-seal interface with the cup to prevent leaking. It also comes with a reclosable tab that helps prevent liquid splash during transport. This is increasingly important to satisfying consumers as they order more drinks in the drive thru.


Reusable Drink Cup Lid

We offer reusable cup lids in a variety of colors and sizes to help compliment your souvenir beverage program. These plastic cup lids are injection molded, which makes them thicker and more durable than most standard single-use lids. Our reusable lids made from LLDPE can be taken home by consumers and washed again and again. These are available as bulk packed lids and also co-packed plastic cups and lids, so you have options to order for your unique operational needs.


Dome Lids

Dome cup lids are popular for your signature drinks with a little extra flair. They work well for shakes or iced coffee, because they provide additional room at the top of the cup to showcase the swirled whipped topping. They are also a great solution for frozen beverages often found in convenience stores and theaters, as they delight the consumer by providing them with a little extra product. A variety of different hole diameters are available to accommodate a straw or a spoon to eat directly through the lid. We even offer plastic dome lids with no hole, which can be used for donut bites, veggie snack cups, and fruit cups to-go. These dome cup lids can be co-packed with cups for an easy ordering solution. They are also available as bulk packed lids.

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Q: How do I know which plastic lids will fit my cups?
If you are already buying a certain cup from us, then you can use our web catalog entry for that cup to view our recommended plastic cup lid options. Find the part number of the cup, and see if the first three numerical digits match your desired lid. For example, cup ST31412CP matches the lid DLT314SS. In this case, the 314 indicates the diameter.

We encourage you to reach out to your sales representative for assistance, or request samples through our website to ensure proper lid fit. Each plastic cup lid listed in the online catalog has a button to “Request Information/Samples.”

Q: What options do I have for customization?
Our reusable plastic cup lids are available in custom colors to help showcase your brand. In addition, our strawless lids for fountain beverages can be embossed with a logo or message. Need something even more unique? Ask your sales representative how our in-house packaging design studio, BlueClover Studios, can create a custom lid design to bring your vision to life.

Q: Is co-packing available?
Yes, most lids can be offered as co-packed lids with cups in the same case. Please contact your sales representative for any special requests, such as adding straws to the same box.

Q: Can plastic cup lids be recycled?
Yes, our PP and PET lids can be recycled. This allows for a simple, single-stream operation for recyclers.

Q: Why do some strawless lids have straw slots?
Children or people with disabilities may find a straw useful, so they do not have to tip their cup while drinking. Also, the same lid can be used in regions with and without straw legislation, so we created a one-lid solution for ease of distribution.

Q: Do you also carry related items such as straws and drink carriers?
Yes, we do. Visit our catalog for more information about our stock straw offerings and tamper-evident drink carrier bags.