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We have a full line of tamper-evident closures that help provide reliability and freshness for your beverage products. Product range from 18mm to 48mm. 
As the market leader in tamper evident closures for beverage and spirits markets, we have a complete array of plastic tamper-evident closures, including decorative sizes and printing options. We also produce a variety of tamper-evident closures for the food, automotive, and industrial markets. 

Designed for pressure retention up to 4.2 gas volumes, our closures are ideal for still water and juice. In addition, we serve both cold and hot fill operations with a history of excellence in packaging manufacturing, giving us the ability and expertise to imagine new possibilities that meet and exceed customer and consumer needs. Leading brand owners are working with us to develop sustainable packaging initiatives to connect with end consumer values as well as on material reduction, liner elimination, and resin innovation to reduce weight. 

We have been a trusted partner for over 40 years in the spirits industry. As a longtime provider of innovative plastic closures for PET and glass spirits bottles in multiple styles and finishes, we are constantly advancing to find new ways to support this industry with material reduction through aesthetic improvements. Our closures provide an optimal barrier to allow a longer shelf life while providing quality and confidence for brand owners for in demand small format wine. 

Premium LUSTER™ Closures 

Select the tamper-evident closure with a premium look, available in an array of colors and options with custom foil colors, textures, patterns, and special effects. In addition, the closures offer a 360-degree sidewall and top stamp available to help show off your logo or provide a promotional message to your customers. 

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are also available with our closures. We have multiple teams that can help alter a current stock closure or create a new closure to meet your needs. Contact your Berry representative for more information about our product development, or our in-house design group, Blue Clover Studios.

Total Package Options

We offer a full product line in a wide variety of closures and bottles in stock, and in custom sizes. Our packaging is able to fit various formats in different markets to help our customers achieve their everyday packaging needs.

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