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As a leader in the laundry care packaging market, Berry offers leak-resistant cups in both lined and linerless variants, which are paired with our improved push-in spouts. Sizes range from 38mm to 72mm.

Leak Resistant Cup and Spout

  • Consumers want laundry products that don't leak1 in their car, at home, or during e-commerce.
  • Our linerless cup is the most2 leak-resistant on the market.
  • It is environmentally-responsible and cost-effective.
  • Compared to our past stock cup, it has 10% less material overall.


  • Push-In Spout is easier for fillers to place into the container
  • Use the marks on the measuring cup to dispense exactly how much you need

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are also available with our closures. We have multiple teams that can help alter a current stock closure or create a new closure to meet your needs. Contact your Berry representative for more information about our product development, or our in-house design group, Blue Clover Studios.

Total Package Options

We offer a full product line in a wide variety of closures and bottles in stock, and in custom sizes. Our packaging is able to fit various formats in different markets to help our customers achieve their everyday packaging needs.

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2Berry Global Study. Linerless Cups, August 25, 2014.