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Our wide range of continuous thread closures provides solutions for all markets, especially the food, healthcare, vitamins, nutraceutical, and personal care markets.
Continuous thread (CT) closures have a tight seal with a non-interrupted thread that rotates down until the closure fits securely against the bottle or container. When choosing the correct CT closure, determine the diameter (in millimeters) and neck finish of the container. These dimensions then result in the number of turns it would take to seal the closure to the bottle. Standard finishes are a 400 (1 turn), 410 (1 ½ turns), 415 (2 turns, narrow threads), and 425 (thick threads).

We offer a variety of height dimensions from shallow to deep skirt designs as well as smooth or domed closures-all in diameters ranging from 18mm to 120mm with a wide range of finishes. Customized continuous thread closures or embossed options of our standard closures are available to reinforce your brand identity. We also offer bi-injection technology to enhance functionality and appearance of your closure.

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Berry's Size and Scale Helps Meet Demands for Food Packaging

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Wide Mouth Continuous Thread Closures

We offer many closures in diameters from 70mm to 120mm to support a wider mouth bottle or container. Our variety of designs such as: dome, short skirt, beveled, high smooth, and more help give your product a unique look. We offer customization and many color options to align with your company standards. 

Next Generation Wide Mouth Closures-Premium and Sustainable Can Be Affordable 

We are currently improving upon our successful design for deep skirt CT closures in diameters of 70mm, 83mm, and 89mm. These closures help you achieve your sustainability goals through a 25% reduction in gram weight. Compared to our standard CT closures, this results in less material and a tapered design for improved stacking to result in 30% more product per carton. This reduces the number of boxes needed, which allows more product on a truck. 

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are also available with our closures. We have multiple teams that can support you to alter a current stock closure, or create a new closure to meet your needs. Contact your Berry representative for more information about our product development, or contact our in-house design studio, Blue Clover Studios.

Order Sample Kit

If you would like more to order a sample kit of our Wide Mouth CT Closures, please contact your sales representative or contact 877.662.3779 to request one. 

Total Package Options

We offer a full product line in a wide variety of closures and bottles in stock and custom sizes. Our packaging is able to fit various formats in different markets to help our customers achieve their packaging needs. 

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