Bhoomi Cane Water Bottle
We've been providing beautiful, innovative, and high-performance for over 45 years. With hundreds of styles and sizes of bottles, tubes, jars, overcaps, and closures in a wide array of materials, sizes, colors, decorating options, and textures, our extensive line of stock and custom products can also be enhanced with brand-differentiating special effects.

Low MOQ and Mass Customization

Our global capabilities equip us with the ability to support new and emerging brands. We have a wide selection of customizable PET and HDPE bottles with low cost to entry and speed to market. We offer over 1500+ stock shapes and sizes, which we can customize for your needs with color and decoration to help your product stand out from the competition.


One-Stop Shop

We offer complete in-house services from concept design to toolmaking and production with ownership including bottle, cap, and decoration.


Custom Molding in HDPE & PET

  • We're here to serve your custom molding needs. We are a vertically integrated partner focused on innovative solutions
  • We have the ability to provide concepts to full technical tool drawings
  • Providing rapid prototyping
  • Low cost of entry tooling with scalable platforms
  • In-house toolmaking of EBM & ISBM blow cavaties

Creating Value through Decoration

Our broad range of decorating options allow you to customize our stock bottles to help showcase your brand. Our progressive techniques are always advancing due to our global capabilities. Some of our latest innovations in our bottle
decoration techniques are:

  • Soft Touch via extrusion blow molding
  • Silk screening
    • Up to six passes
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Tactile printing
  • PS label application
  • Innovative colorants
    • Liquid metal PET colorants
    • Antique glass effect PET colorants
    • Earth effects HDPE colorants
    • Raindrop effect HDPE colorants


With our full line of sustainable packaging solutions, you don't have to compromise product appeal on the shelf in order to achieve your sustainability goals. From PCR to bio-based products, our innovations can help you meet your needs as well as help your product stand out on the shelf.

  • HDPE and PET PCR bottles in up to 100% PCR
  • Sugarcane PE bottles and flexible tubes
    • Carbon black-free black colorants
  • PCR PP closures and overcaps

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