Matrix XL delivers a combination of strength and breathability. This solution helps protect homes against trapped moisture, preventing costly damage.

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This roofing underlay is printed with an exclusive cross-hatch grid pattern that does the
measuring and aligning for you. This helps eliminate the hassle—no more measure and mark, no more risk of costly mistakes, and no more callbacks.

Made from polyolefin and finished cool gray, Matrix UL is a unique roofing underlay that meets the most stringent building codes. Resistant to climate and weather, it does not stretch or warp. Therefore, the accuracy of its imprinted grid pattern is maintained.

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Surround VR synthetic roofing underlayment provides the optimal balance of high performance, enhanced safety, and streamlined installation for contractors.
Synthetic Performance at a Felt Price


Trusted for 25 years, this product has been used as part of a Protected Membrane Roofing (PMR) System on flat roofs (inverted roof systems).

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