A nonwoven, non-perforated polypropylene fabric, Air-Gard® XL helps homes and commercial buildings stay cool in hot regions and warm in the coldest climates.

    • Excellent wind barrier
    • Resistant to wind-driven rain
    • Allows the structure to breathe, helping prevent mold, mildew, and rot
    • Competitive in the high-end housewrap market
    • Tough, effective, and affordable

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    Designed out of polyethylene fabric, Air-Gard is woven into sheet form and coated on both sides. Millions of micro-sized pores allow the house to breathe; yet, they are small enough to retain excellent wind barrier properties. Unlike other housewraps, the coating on both sides makes Air-Gard the fastest to install.

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    A lower-priced alternative, Air-Gard Value provides a good option for competitive housing developments, or in less extreme climates.

    • Woven polypropylene fabric
    • Perforated with micro-size pores to allow the house to breathe
    • Excellent wind barrier
    • Helps keep homes cool in hot regions and warm in cold climates 

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