Baby Diapers & Pants

Our films, nonwovens, and laminates provide comfort and protection across a range of diaper and pant application areas.

We offer a unique Soft Portfolio which delivers differentiated softness and bulk, coupled with high visual attractiveness. Premium design is assured, as is functionality with high breathability, heat and moisture vapor release.


Wipes Packaging

From facial wipes to baby wipes, we offer innovative ways to meet customer needs with a wide range of fabric and packaging technologies.

Consumer driven aesthetics and high-performance are achieved using: our APEX® and other manufacturing technologies, wide range of fabric options, and decades of engineered material expertise.

For packaging, our wipes film offers form and function with a variety of closure options including our exclusive Rigid Lens 2 wipes closure system, which provides a flat, tight seal that helps keep moisture inside the package.

Adult Incontinence


Dignity , discretion, and comfort are paramount considerations for adult incontinence articles.

Our portfolio of films, nonwovens, and laminates delivers supreme softness, a smooth and comfortable fit, breathability, and the reassurance of high quality in look, touch and performance.

Feminine Care

We develop back sheet, top sheet, and printed films to provide reliable protection in feminine hygiene products and packaging.

Consumers prefer products that are discreet, less noticeable and fit comfortably. Our specialty materials help our customers design products and packaging with this in mind and market to a variety of life stages.

Overwrap Film

Display your paper tissue and towels to the greatest advantage with our printed overwrap and bundling films.