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Berry Global has made investments in over 300 facilities, over 35 product lines, and 65 conversion processes that allows us to prioritize and fulfill your sustainability initiatives, achieving the greatest impact for your investment.

Plastic Solutions Toward a Circular Economy

We believe in the power of plastics and their critical role in a circular economy. Widely recyclable and lightweight, plastics is a preferred substrate among customers and consumers. Recent evolution of recycled content conversion capabilities requires cutting-edge knowledge of the breadth of polymers to ensure product performance.

Giving Plastic Multiple Lives through Recycling

We are working to recover and reprocess valuable plastic waste to provide new life into our products. Across both Europe and North America, we are giving plastic multiple lives through our own recycling capabilities increasing our supply of recycled content but also centers of material expertise.

Broadening Access to Circularity Innovation with Advanced Recycling

Working with our partners across the resin value chain, we source and manufacture with cutting-edge materials and processes to help customers meet their sustainability goals.

Industry-Leading Manufacturing Capabilities

Each year, trusted industry publication, Plastics News, publishes their rankings of top producers in multiple manufacturing technologies. Berry consistently is among the top manufacturers for our unmatched scale.

Diverse Global Assets

As one of the only manufacturers to hold such a large breadth of manufacturing assets, we are able to guide customers toward the solution that works for them, regardless of manufacturing process. From our start in injection molding, to the inclusion of extrusion and nonwoven processes, we have the manufacturing capabilities to serve any market.

Industry-Leading Material Science Resources

With 30+ design and innovation centers and thousands of patents, our material scientists have the resources necessary to positively impact the future of plastic packaging through pilot scale production and access to the best testing equipment.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

With decades of experience in light-weighting packaging and reducing raw material usage, we have the deep-rooted expertise in one of the most effective ways to lower your carbon footprint. By optimizing package design and materials, we utilize less virgin resin and help produce a more efficient, responsible package.

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