SmartSeal® is an incredibly tough and flexible film, SmartSeal® adheres to the surface of the silage pile directly beneath the Siloform® white/black sheet. This prevents pockets of trapped air, significantly reducing aerobic spoilage. Take your herd health to the highest levels by sealing the silage surface from damaging oxygen penetration. Help ensure optimal anaerobic fermentation and a premium easy-to-digest and highly nutritious feed.

Product Information:

  • Color(s)

Features & Benefits:

This system adheres to the face of the bunker surface and conforms to peaks and valleys to help prevent pockets of oxygen and vapors that can cause between 5% and 18% of crop loss during fermentation.

  • Same surface cling as other brands
  • Tough puncture and tear resistance, can be walked on during installation
  • Blue color helps ensure there are no gaps when applying
  • Free-fall fold makes for easy installation on the pile

Regions Available

  • North America
  • South America

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