Premium Performance

Berry premium performance shrink films include BullsEye™ and OptiMil™HC. BullsEye™ is a proven high-quality, high performance shrink film that has the strength to substantially reduce or completely eliminate corrugate while maintaining clarity and gloss unmatched in the market. OptiMil™HC provides maximum strength with minimal material while maintaining excellent clarity.

Product Information:

  • Clarity
  • Core Diameter
    .003" and 6"
  • Max Roll OD
  • # of Print Colors
  • Print / Vent / Treat / Perf
  • Product / Item Construction
    Singlewound Sheeting

Features & Benefits:


  • Excellent haze and gloss
  • Very Good surface toughness and shrink properties
  • Perfect product for printed applications

Optimil HC

  • Good Clarity
  • Strength and sealability
  • Great for Downgauging

Regions Available

  • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
  • North America

Ideal For:

BullsEye is a co-extruded blown film made from polyethylene resin. The film is specifically designed for high speed mass production for printed shrink film in multi-pack applications. This film is well suited for single roll continuous motion and two roll machines. OptiMil HC: High Performance Shrink Film is engineered to allow reduction in the amount of material needed to wrap packages. This co-extruded film provides the ability to downgauge in most applications while exceeding the performance of a traditional shrink film.

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