ESE, a brand of Berry Global, is launching one of the most comprehensive ranges of semi-underground waste collection systems to provide an effective and space-efficient solution for the disposal and sorting of both waste and recyclable items.

The new BAGIO series is being produced in cooperation with Berry CPI sister company Berry Promens Roto.

Semi-underground systems are particularly suitable for busy public areas, including housing estates, motorway services and parks, as they can provide large volumes for waste and recyclables while requiring minimal space. The BAGIO system offers a number of important benefits in terms of its features, and choice of sizes and volumes available.

In particular, the BAGIO incorporates a bag for easy and economical emptying by the waste collector. In addition, the wide variety of sizes, from 0.8m3 to 5.0m3, in both short and long versions and with state-of-the-art functionality, mean ESE can create a solution for almost every requirement. For example, the short versions with shallow depths are easy to install and are especially appropriate in densely populated areas, where existing ducts and pipework mean that the containers do not need to be dug in too deeply.

For the effective separation of materials that can be recycled from general waste, specific BAGIO versions are available for different types of waste or recyclables. Two chamber variants can be specified for the collection of separate waste streams within a single container.

The BAGIO range is being manufactured at the Rijen factory of Berry Promens Roto with its specialist expertise and advanced equipment for the production of very large containers and lids. This demonstrates the wide-ranging capabilities of the Berry CPI division and the close working partnerships that can be established to devise specific solutions for particular customers and end-markets.