Advancing a Circular Economy for Plastics

Intercontinental Buckhead

May 18, 2022 12:30 pm CST

The plastics industry is making changes for a better tomorrow. America’s plastic makers have set goals to reuse, recycle or recover 100 percent of plastic packaging by 2040. To accomplish this, we're investing in mechanical and advanced recycling technologies, creating products that are made to be remade and collaborating across the entire plastics value chain to build a circular economy. But we can’t do it alone.

Recently, we announced "5 Actions for Sustainable Change" that the U.S. Congress can take to help accelerate a circular economy for plastics. Come learn from leaders across the value chain who are already using advanced recycling technologies to change the way plastics are made, recycled and remade, and what policies are required to help recycle and reuse more plastic.

Policy and Value Chain Collaboration

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Diane Marett
Diane Marret

Sustainability Director
Berry Global

Indiana, IN | USA