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At Berry, we value our commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Through community partnership, education, and responsible environmental practices, we hope to ensure a better future for our environment.

Clean River Sweep

Clean River Sweep

Along the Ohio River Valley, community volunteers come together for a family-friendly annual cleanup event. Our employees work alongside our executives to help prevent debris from entering the river and its tributaries.

Earth Day

Earth Day

Each year, we host over 1,000 third grade students to tour our Evansville plant to learn about the importance of manufacturing and recycling. Partnering with local nonprofits and other businesses, we help educate students about environmental responsibility.

Employee Art Contest

Art Contest

Each year, our art contests implore our employees to concentrate on an important theme. Our recent contest focused on upcycling. Employees transformed old materials into something new, useful, or beautiful. The winning pieces are displayed at our headquarters in Evansville, Indiana.

Certified Plastics Ambassadors

Certified Plastic Ambassadors

In order to help spread awareness about the environmental benefits of plastics, such as lightweighting and recyclability, we created a biannual program to certify employees to represent Berry and communicate our commitment to the environment.

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Upstream Battle®

Upstream Battle

Our sites in the UK volunteer their time to the Upstream Battle community cleanup week, organized by Keep Scotland Beautiful. This ambitious campaign aims to stop litter on land from reaching the sea.

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