Talent Acquisition with Johnathon

Johnathon Oliver
Human Resources Generalist
Nashville, Tennessee
Talent Acquisition Intern - 2017

Why did you choose Berry for an internship?
I worked as a Talent Acquisition Intern. In that position, I was given many opportunities to network and collaborate with different groups and leaders throughout the organization in which was modeled throughout the interview process. In my interview, the different hiring managers clearly communicated the expectation of the individual selected for this position and the mentality needed to succeed. For me, I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Berry's internships are...
Berry internships are meaningful, challenging, and advantageous - you obtain valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities that will truly impact and expand the knowledge needed to help you succeed within your field of study.

How did your internship help to advance your skills and promote growth?
My internship allowed me to connect with members of different levels within the organization, thus allowed me to expand my knowledge within my position and continue thinking about how and where I wanted my career within Human Resources to go. Without some of the great conversations and guidance, I am not certain I would be where I am today.

What did you enjoy most about your internship at Berry?
I enjoyed everything about my internship, which naturally made me want to stay with Berry for years to come. To be more specific, I mostly enjoyed the experience. The experience with a fantastic manager, the experience to learn and grow within my internship (i.e. projects), and the experience to smile and walk the halls everyday with gratitude about the meaningfulness of my work.