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A Better Experience for Your Closures


PalmSoft delivers improved ease of use for seniors
in a child-resistant closure.

Innovative Solution
PalmSoft™ creates a soft rubber feel to the top of the closures that focuses on ease of use for seniors and for those who have arthritic conditions. It uses bi-injection technology where two materials and two colors can be utilized on almost any child-resistant or continuous threaded closure for improved performance. 

Molded Graphics
Logos, test, and graphic elements can be molded into the closure to further promote your brand. Adding these graphics and designs can help differentiate your package for better shelf presence. 

PalmSoft Advantages
  • Custom development to fit your brand image and price point
  • Technology can run on any size or closure style
  • Compatible with a wide range of stock bottles
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PalmSoft is a finalist for the Excellence in Pharma: Packaging award at 2017 CPhl Pharma Awards in Frankfurt, Germany.