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Our protective films and non-woven laminates provide the protection you seek through backsheets, topsheets, and laminates.

We have a variety of products for you: our soft and quiet polyethylene backsheet and overwrap promote discretion, and our breathable backsheet provides premium design and functionality by using film that allows heat and moisture vapor release providing confidence in containment. Our thin, high-yield polypropylene offerings deliver the protection required with reduced material usage and high strength, while our decoration capabilities go beyond just design to also include color and wetness indicators.
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Wipes Packaging

No matter which way you package them, we have containers, films, and unique closures for any type of wipe. Our wipes film offers perfect form and function, with consumer-friendly hinged seals that keep moisture inside the package.
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Display your paper tissue and towels to the greatest advantage with our printed overwrap and bundling films.
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Feminine Care

We develop backsheet, topsheet, elastic componentry, and laminates to provide reliable protection in personal hygiene products for people of all ages, helping them maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

Consumers prefer products that are discreet, less noticeable and fit comfortably. Our hygiene films are designed with these in mind. Our films are breathable to allow heat and moisture to escape, keeping skin dry and healthy.

We also are continuously advancing to reduce total article costs and provide ways to enhance value.
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