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Our laundry product packaging is available in a variety of shapes and sizes with specialized measuring, pouring, and drip-free caps and closures available. We also offer child-resistant packaging, allowing you to meet consumer standards.

Our market-leading dryer sheet substrates, with Reemay® technology, are known for superior strength, lotion release, and uniformity.

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Air Care

We offer multiple air care product solutions to help keep the home smelling clean, from a variety of overcap options, to innovative packaging solutions.

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Consumer Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting Wipes

We have a wide range of specialized, high-quality, and easily converted materials for cleaning and disinfecting multi-surfaces with one wipe for many areas of the home, including two of the toughest: kitchens and bathrooms.

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We offer a complete line of packaging to meet the safety needs required for household cleaning chemicals, including surface care, bleach, dishwashing, polishes, and toilet cleaning products.

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Our user friendly and quality packaging is proven to stand up to the wear and tear in professional and personal garages while standing out on the retail shelf. We also offer child-resistant packaging, allowing you to meet consumer standards for your automotive oil, lubricants, silicones, and engine cleaners.

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Agricultural Chemicals

Our bottles, closures, films, and spray overcaps are all manufactured with materials to ensure they stand up to the harshest of chemicals and conditions. Choose from wide variety of stock options, or design a package that meets the specific needs of your product and consumers.

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Hard Surface Care

With our expertise in multiple packaging areas, we have the right packaging for your hard surface care products. We can make both rigid and flexible packaging for any wipes packaging, as well as bottles, closures, spray through overcaps, and more.

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Home Improvement, Paint & Aerosols

We offer unlimited color options to accurately represent your palette of spray paints, providing a broad line of stock overcaps with child-resistant capabilities for both straight wall and necked-in cans.

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Home Insecticides

We will work with you to develop a packaging solution for any of your home insecticide packaging needs. Whether you need a specific overcap, bottle, or closure, we can help.

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